Tania Woj

Tania Wojciechowski is the Architect of Sanctuary, and she’s on a mission to coach women to help them design how they want to be, live, and lead.

We worked together with a new brand identity and website (including WordPress development) bringing natural, calm and geometric elements that reflect her coaching style.

Sara Wallace

Sara is a wonderful coach hailing from Ottawa who came to me looking to brand herself in the niche market of legacy coaching.  She had a very clear audience and need to create a complete visual story to attract her audience primarily through her website and referrals.  We began with her identity with a slightly worn, rough hand-drawn type coupled with a well-known & established serif type to balance that life experience and wisdom that encompasses her audience.  We then went on to create a full line of business stationery, including blind letterpress seals and luxe printed businesses cards.  Her website was kept clean and features wonderful black and white images that capture the mood & vibe of the content for each page, drawing her audience into an inviting space.


A good friend of mine, Tania, came to me last year looking for an updated visual identity to better represent her growing coaching business. Together, we crafted a visual story that not only helped to expand her business, but also eliminated those aspects that weren’t working for her anymore. Earlier this year, we moved firmly away from leftover branding that Tania felt no longer served her needs. With a clean, new logo to anchor her branding, I designed a new website with organic elements to echo her love of handmade, along with a soft, earthy colour palette and clean typography to offer her clients the ultimate sanctuary to begin their new journey with Tania.