Terms of Use

This page lays out the dos and don’ts of using any digital downloads that I offer on this or any other blog and what you can and cannot do with them.  Please be sure to read through them as I took time and effort to try to save us all from a lot of headaches!

These terms and conditions were last amended on January 15th 2014.


Unless otherwise stated, all images and resources offered are Copyright ©Geri Jewitt.  The following terms apply to all digital downloads.  You may use the images and resources for personal and commercial projects, however, there are limits to this usage so please keep reading.

  • use the digital downloaded resources to enhance or decorate your blog, website or posts (for personal and business projects) or for use in client examples of your work ONLY, but they CANNOT be used to create pre-made blog designs or website templates or resold as a separate resource, individually,
  • use the digital downloaded resources to create a physical , tangible product such as a greeting card, postcard or poster.
  • incorporate any of the digital downloaded resources into any kind of digital download of your own on your blogs or websites, whether it’s offered for free or with a monetary value (eg, freebies or badges or widgets).  This also includes any product that may be delivered via email or any other network or on any other platform (eg, intranet, Facebook, newsletter, etc.)
  • re-sell or re-distribute or re-package any of the digital downloaded resources as your own or anyone else’s digital download.  The raw resources may not be uploaded to any other blogs, websites or platforms (such as Facebook, intranet, newsletter, etc.).
  • use any of the files (original or modified) to design a pre-made blog or website theme, design or template.
  • copy any blog page to display on your blog or website… please feel free to use an excerpt if you’d like, but be sure to link back to the original PAGE and not just the digital download file.
  • link directly to a digital downloadable resource zip file or url… tsk, tsk, tsk and shame on you if you do.  Please link to the page or blog post that the file was actually offered on!
  • use the digital downloaded resources for any material that advocates or displays harm or violence, homophobia, racism or pornography or is in fact, harmful, violent, homophobic, racist or pornographic in nature.
please remember

Just because you’ve downloaded something from me or my blog onto your computer, tablet or smart phone doesn’t make it yours to give to whoever you want, even if I’ve offered it for free!

If you have any questions about these policies, please get in touch… thanks for being cool and you know, playing nice!

Enjoy your downloads ;-)

Geri @ The Languid Lion